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Organic Fruits & Veggies

31 Real Fruits and Vegetables in Every Capsule

Convenient Daily Nutrition

Give Naturals Organic Fruits and Veggies are a convenient pair to add real organic nutrition to your everyday routine. Get your daily dose of important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber to help support your health, energy, immunity, and wellbeing.

Nutritious and Delicious

Unlike most multivitamins, Give Naturals Organic Fruits is made with 15 REAL fruits and 16 REAL vegetables specially selected for the nutritional value and potent health benefits that each ingredient has to offer.

Clean, Organic Formula

All  Give Naturals products are organic, non-GMO and vegan-friendly, with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and no gluten, dairy, soy, or added sugars. Third-party tested for guaranteed purity and quality.

Organic Fruits

15 Real Fruits in Every Capsule

Give Naturals Organic Fruits contains 100% natural, whole food goodness from 16 real organic fruits. Each capsule contains a synergistic combination of fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients your body needs to help support a healthy and active lifestyle.

Organic Nourishment for Every Lifestyle

Give Naturals Organic Fruits and Veggies are designed to support your:
  • Overall Wellness*
  • Energy Production*
  • Immune Function*
  • Cardiovascular Health*
  • Healthy Vision*
  • Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails*
We hand-picked 31 organic fruits and vegetables that are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help support your daily nutritional needs:
  • Vitamin A helps support eyesight, skin, hair, nails, growth, development and immune function
  • Vitamin B1 helps release energy from food, so that the nervous system and muscles work properly
  • Vitamin C builds collagen, supports the immune system and helps absorb Iron from food
  • Vitamin D helps absorb Calcium to keep bones strong and healthy
  • Vitamin E supports immune health and the development of healthy skin and eyes
  • Calcium builds strong bones and teeth
  • Choline regulates metabolism for increased energy, as well as brain and memory function
  • Folate promotes cell division and growth, healthy hair, skin and nails
  • Magnesium for energy production, balanced blood sugar levels, and improved calm and sleep
  • Potassium helps lower blood pressure, keep heart rhythm steady, and promote heart health
  • Zinc helps with energy metabolism, wound healing, and immune function
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